Trip I: Second World War in North Africa The last Decisive battles to liberate Tunis Half Day Trip if departure from Tunis Direction to Medjez-EL-Bab, namely the gate of TunisStop at the hills around the city, panoramic view and explanations about second world war context in the regionDiscover the city, a place of bloody battlesThe bombarded bridge over the Medjerda riverThe medina of MedjezThe second world cemetery and memorial Trip II: A Fatimid chiites’ heritage left in Tunisia Full day trip at departure from Tunis or Hammamet A full day for Mahdia, capital of the FatimidsVisit The Skifa Kahela or read more ...

We had recently many requests from clients willing to visit for 5 days, while being in Tunis for business purposes, the cultural highlights of the city plus one day out the city, Dougga is taken at this case as the best spot. At this basis, this economic package with culturally original characters includes 5 canonic tour programs that you can combine with your business plan in Tunisia Medina of Tunis  Half Day Kasbah square Architectonic and urbanistic presentation of the medina.Urbanistic circles and Sabbats structures. Lecture. Religious buildings and coranic schoolsThe ancient coffee shops The souks guilds concept. Thematic and read more ...

THE MEDINA OF TUNIS. With its narrow sinuous streets, labyrinthine pattern and irregular order, the Medina of Tunis stands in stark contrast to mannered urbanism of the French colonial city, the Nouvelle Ville (New City). The Medina spreads out both left and right from the terminus of the main boulevard and its central band of ficus trees; renamed Avenue Bourguiba after the independence of Tunisia in 1956. At the western end of the wide boulevard of Avenue Bouguiba is located the famous always crowded Bab El Bhar, one of the principal entry gates to the walled medina. The medina was read more ...

Special thanks to Mr Marcus Neustetter, and looking forward future artistic projects and cooperation Excavating Futures Tunis, 2019 Marcus Neustetter Exhibition Climbing Through the Tide curated by Basak Senova. This summation was presented in The Kamel Lazaar Foundation’s exhibition space B7L9 in Bhar Lazreg for the exhibition Climbing Through the Tide curated by Basak Senova. In creative exchange navigating the spaces and timelines of a changing Tunis with : Monji Ben Salah, the cart driver Peugeot, Donkey Sami Harize, Tour Guide Ahmed Louzir, Cartographer Chehine Dhahak, Videographer Wä Dïàà, Videographer at Onk Gemel Abdallah Ben Thameur, Assistant Guide at Onk read more ...

Mr. Jason Blockley, Coleman-Hilton Scholar, was in Tunisia in April 2017 for his research on the economies of late antique North Africa. Below his feedback : "During the Roman period the provinces that cover the area that is now Tunisia were among the richest and most productive in the entire empire. Every year millions of tons of wheat, olive oil, fine pottery, and other goods left Tunisia’s shores for sale or distribution elsewhere in the empire. My research investigates the relationship between the state and the economy in Late Antique (c. 300-450) North Africa, which took me on an eight-day read more ...

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