Excavating Futures Tunis


Special thanks to Mr Marcus Neustetter, and looking forward future artistic projects and cooperation
Excavating Futures Tunis, 2019

Marcus Neustetter

Exhibition Climbing Through the Tide curated by Basak Senova.

This summation was presented in The Kamel Lazaar Foundation’s exhibition space B7L9 in Bhar Lazreg for the exhibition Climbing Through the Tide curated by Basak Senova.

In creative exchange navigating the spaces and timelines of a changing Tunis with :
Monji Ben Salah, the cart driver
Peugeot, Donkey
Sami Harize, Tour Guide
Ahmed Louzir, Cartographer
Chehine Dhahak, Videographer
Wä Dïàà, Videographer at Onk Gemel
Abdallah Ben Thameur, Assistant Guide at Onk Gemel

Beginning in an ancient historic neighborhood in Carthage, now an archaeological site, this performative exploration by donkey cart, found its way to Bhar Lazreg, a developing future neighborhood.

Whilst on this unknown path of discovery, this excursion encountered points of interest (to both the artist and other participants). These included juxtapositions such a large French multinational retailer, a contemporary manifestation of a colonial past, and a China Shop, a symbol of a future economic power across the African continent. Similarly, interests in ruins, contemporary local construction styles, demarcation of land, and the public use of space will generated dialogue, documentation and ideas. These ideas were then reflected on in the further explorations of the Southern region of Tunisia and a walk through the Sahara Desert. Here Neustetter created new drawings contemplating his experience and a science-fictional future in the old Star Wars set.
The collection of impressions in the form of notes, drawing, objects and audio-visual dialogues along the way manifested in a temporary installation performance. This playful pseudo-archeology of the past, contemporary and speculated future landscape is a seemingly impossible attempt to articulate coherent meaning through clashing experiences, diverse participants and a seemingly random juxtaposition of findings.

The collected and appropriated evidence of this journey was assemblage into a video work and an installation based on the visual precedents of the rich history of mosaic in the culture and archaeology of the area.

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